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Therapeutic Interventions for Long Covid

This webinar will discuss nutraceuticals that have been found to support long Covid recovery. 
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What's included?

This webinar will review the latest research on nutraceuticals that have ben found effective at supporting long Covid recovery. It will discuss:

  • Commonalities between long Covid and myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)
  • The evidence behind quercetin, Ashwaganda, ubiquinol & NADH, omega 3 fatty acids in post viral syndromes
  • Recommended and research-based dosages of the nutraceuticals discussed 
Meet your host

Ines Schachenhofer

Ines is a pharmacist and a member of Biogena’s Science Team, specialising in knowledge management and training. Through her years advising clients, she has gained knowledge in therapeutic application of micronutrients, while always exploring the mechanisms of action and the evidence-based side of micronutrients.
Patrick Jones - Course author