Our mission is to grow practitioner success.

Get the skills you need to grow your career.
We provide continual professional development for naturopaths working with world-leading experts to share the latest research, protocols and clinical tools.
By helping practitioners, we can help more people feel better using natural medicine.
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What is the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP)

The primary function of the ANP is to assist its members in maintaining the highest standard of competence.
It offers a wide range of benefits to its members and safe, competent, well-trained professionals for the public.

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ANP Member Benefits

Gain clinical skills

The ANP offers both free and paid training. 
All ANP members get access to free webinars that run bi-weekly plus our webinar library to catch up on over 30 presentations.
ANP members also get discounted in-depth training. Up-coming events include: homeobotanicals, endobiogeny and TCM diagnostic skills.

Practitioner resources

You can access contraindications database to check interactions between herbs, drugs and nutrients.
We also provide practitioner discounts on supplements, insurance and other clinical tools.

Plus our members are listed on a a practitioner directory that is search-engine optimised to allow more clients to find you.


The ANP works with organisations lobbying for integrated healthcare and wider-access to natural medicine to help more people.

Mentoring & Support

ANP members recieve 6-months worth of free group mentoring. The ANP also provides discounted 121 mentoring for additional support.

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