• 16 speakers

  • Offers from our partners

  • Over 24 hours of content

  • Access to content after event

What's included?

  • Over 20 webinars
  • 16 global experts
  • Access to live sessions Q&As
  • Handouts or slides for each presentation
  • Community networking

  Discounts on clinical resources and education from partners on using supplements, herbs and tests in practice.

Learn from the experts

Global experts in naturopathy and women's health will be sharing their knowledge with you.

You will get clinical success through actionable advice and insights that you can incorporate into your practice straight away to get better results.

Discover new approaches

Get insights from professionals focused in nutrition, herbal medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, functional medicine and more. 
Plus the latest research on the underlying causes and considerations for endometriosis, breast cancer, menopause, PCOS, fertility, thyroid health.

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Meet Our Speakers

The leading naturopathic experts in women's health.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the talks?

You will have access to all the pre-recorded and live talks for at least 1 year. 

Does this count towards CPD?

Yes absolutely! You will be able to cover your entire CPD requirements for the year (20 hours) and one more with this one summit! Certificates can be gained for watching the webinars.

Is my ticket refundable? 

All tickets are 100% refundable within 14 days of the first live event.

 Can I register my interest for hosting a talk?

We're delighted you're interested in hosting a talk. We partner with world-leading experts for our member's educational program. You can get in touch here.