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Nutrition for Female Hormonal Imbalances

This webinar will discuss therapeutic interventions to restore hormonal balance.
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Female health has never received so much attention and more and more women are feeling empowered to seek help with the conditions which previously they would have just lived with. 

In this lecture senior nutritionist at Nutri Advanced, Sarah Sharpe, will discuss the world of female hormones including the major factors affecting them, how nutrition can help to rebalance them and help to provide a solution to the issues that many women have been facing.
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Sarah Sharpe

Sarah studied Nutrition at the University of Surrey before joining Nutri Advanced in 2002. Now a Senior Nutritionist, she furthers her knowledge with courses such as annual IFM symposiums. Sarah takes a leading role with Nutri Advanced education suite of seminars, webinars and case studies, working with well-known personalities such as Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Joe Pizzorno and Jo Gamble. Sarah hosts a number of Nutri Advanced programmes herself and is particularly passionate about the role of nutrition in relation to detox and hormones.
Patrick Jones - Course author