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Live Bacteria Supplements: A Deeper Understanding of Strain-Specific Effects

This webinar will introduce you to key live bacteria strains and their effects. 
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The health benefits of live bacteria supplements are strain specific. Clinical research performed on individual strains repeatedly demonstrates strain-specific effects, and different levels of efficacy in various health concerns. During this presentation, Rebecca will discuss the reasons why different strains demonstrate different effects, and highlight the evidence-based effects of a selection of key strains of live bacteria. This presentation will help clinicians develop a deeper understanding of why considered strain selection is so important in clinical practice.
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Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca is a qualified naturopath and educator with a passion for research and evidence based medicine. As well as lecturing at CNM for 10 years, she has fifteen years of clinical experience and has worked as a clinician, lecturer, and writer in the UK, the US, and Australia.
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