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How to Master Client Coaching

This webinar will improve your client communication within a clinical setting and will help you to get your clients to commit and love your work.
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What's included?

This webinar discusses key coaching strategies, including:
  • How to get the best out of your clients, and help them ‘buy’ into your protocol
  • How to have more creative and empowering conversations with your clients
  • The key elements of good coaching relationships, including self-compassion, unconditional positive regard, active listening and the empathy link
Meet your host

Dr Joyce Reed 

Joyce trained at the University of Aberdeen and graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience in 1999, realising during this time she had a keen desire to work with people and help them with their health she moved swiftly on to start her medical degree at the University of Leeds from which she graduated in 2004. After a 12-year career in the NHS working as a hospital doctor and paediatrician she moved on to partner with her husband Prof Mark Reed in their academic training company Fast Track Impact During the 2020 pandemic she realised supporting people with their health and wellbeing was still a deeply held desire, and she enrolled in the CNM Health Coach Diploma, graduating in July 2021.
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