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HC: How to use The Wheel of Life as a Coaching Tool

In this session, an experienced health coach, Tierney Troughton, zooms in on the Wheel of Life as a coaching tool.
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What's included?

Watch this webinar to:
  • Gain clarity and confidence on using The Wheel of Life as a primary coaching tool
  • Feel inspired by a practicing Health Coach’s real life explanations
  • Learn to use The Wheel of Life for your clients in the most effective way possible
Meet your host

Tierney Troughton

Tierney Troughton is a CNM Health Coach Graduate, and practices under her brand ‘Let’s Go Back To Basics.’ Tierney encourages her clients to prioritise their health needs and goals to ensure they are in the best frame of mind and body, holistically. Tierney is interested in finding balance in life to achieve optimal health and enjoys helping her clients restore balance and harmony to their own lives through personalised health coaching.’
Patrick Jones - Course author