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Antibody Testing

This session will help you understand why terminology in the field of allergy matters, specifically differentiating between IgE allergy, IgG food sensitivity, and food intolerance. 
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It addresses the controversy surrounding IgG antibody testing, exploring IgG as a normal response to foods eaten that reflect the diet of an individual, the implications of elevated IgG responses to foods, and how testing provides clinically meaningful results as a guide for elimination diets.

It reviews the literature for a variety of challenging health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, depression and migraine and the evidence that identification and avoidance of reactive foods can relieve difficult-to-treat symptoms. Further, exploring why the gut immune system, which should remain relatively unresponsive to food antigens and commensal flora, has started to break down resulting in a loss of tolerance and an increase in chronic inflammatory diseases.

Case studies exploring testing as an essential patient-care tool and an important component of a clinician’s daily practice to improve patient outcomes.

Case studies include clients with acne and eczema.Understanding cross-reactions and how proteins within foods cross react, including storage proteins within plant species and lipid transfer proteins.

It explores common patterns between clients with many elevated foods and few elevated foods on food sensitivity reports and the clinical relevance of both.
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Patrick Jones - Course author